End-to-end data validation

OrgStack streamlines the process of managing data sources,
identifying regressions, and tracing incidents to their source.

Create data sources

Quickly and easily integrate with your preferred data sources. OrgStack natively integrates with cloud services, SQL databases, file storage, API's, and more. OrgStack works with
internal and external data sources, and supports common data formats.


Configure OrgStack in code

Picture a Gemfile or package.json, but for data dependencies. OrgStack configurations are version controlled so that data sources and code are always linked.

Validate data sources

Use the OrgStack CLI inside your preferred CI/CD platform to proactively identify regressions in data sources and capture error reports on every build.


Expedite root cause analysis

Browse error reports in the web platform and trace data-related incidents
to their source. Identify root cause in minutes, not weeks.


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